Meet the Newest Norfolk Shapers

Global Shapers Norfolk is proud to announce the newest members of our team.

Joy Yoo, Marketing Manager | WHRO

Joy Yoo currently serves as Marketing Manager at WHRO Public Media; in this capacity, she develops and executes compelling communications strategies for programs and initiatives dedicated to educating and enriching the Hampton Roads community. Outside of business hours, she also teaches Taekwondo to local youth.

As a new member of this community, Joy is most excited to give voice to the vibrant Hampton Roads community and empower the next generation of leaders.

Nichelle Stone, Paralegal | Decker Law Firm

I am a paralegal at the Decker Law Firm, where I contribute to the firm's goal of "helping people" in the personal injury department. I am married with two energetic children and I am the President of the Northside Civic League. When I have a moment to myself, I enjoy running and I am often training for the next half marathon.

I am excited to be with the Global Shapers, because they are an impressive network of young people, working together to have a bigger voice in the community. I really appreciate how they focus on small projects to address big problems, one manageable piece at a time, and I am eager to do my part to help.

NiSHA Witt, CEO | Aesop Technologies

Nisha Witt is a Solar Tech entrepreneur and environmentalist working to change the way how people use energy through an assortment of solar powered products.

She is excited to be part of a global community of game-changers and innovators. By being part Global Shapers Norfolk, she feels that she is associated with a social cause that is bigger than herself.

Alex SnyderAlternative Learning Facilitator | Hampton City Schools

Alex Snyder works directly under Hampton City Schools' Director of Alternative Education to provide social studies instruction to students who were not successful in the traditional high school setting. She creates individualized curriculum for student preparation to pass the GED exam and facilitate online social science courses. Since moving to VA, she has enjoyed visiting many of the beautiful historic sites and wineries in the area.

Are you interested in becoming a Norfolk Shaper? We're starting another selection process now. Please read our new application directions.