Global Shapers Norfolk launches in Hampton Roads

Giving Millennials a Seat at the Table

Millennial leaders are teaming up to help tackle some of the unique challenges facing Hampton Roads communities. This new movement is part of a worldwide effort called “Global Shapers.”

The World Economic Forum created Global Shapers in 2011 to give Millennials a seat at the table in solving issues in their communities. There are now more than 400 Global Shapers Hubs in cities around the world. 

We are pleased to announce that Global Shapers has launched in Virginia, with the first hub right here in Norfolk to serve the Hampton Roads Region. 

“Millennials will make up an estimated 75 percent of the workforce in Hampton Roads by 2025. We are excited to bring top Millenial leaders together to help make positive changes in our region,” Hub Curator Bo Ram Yi said.

The concept behind Global Shapers is that to change the world, we must change one local community at a time. Our Global Shapers Norfolk Hub will soon choose a project to help improve our community, and we welcome your input and support as we progress.

The Norfolk Hub was founded by Eileen Guo in April 2015. As a former Washington D.C. Shaper and current member of the World Economic Forum: Global Agenda Council Social Media committee, Eileen now serves as an advisory board member.

The inaugural class of shapers include Bo Ram Yi, Claire Winiarek, Joe Dillard, Karen Hopkins, Aazia Mickens-Dessaso and Elizabeth Rubi.

As we move forward as the Commonwealth’s first Global Shapers Hub, please get in touch with us if you’re interested in partnering with us or if you have a potential Shaper you recommend to join our team.