Global Shapers Norfolk Press Coverage Timeline

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Virginian Pilot, January 5th, 2019. “Norfolk group working on creating first floating "amphibious house" on East Coast.”

Daily Press, January 26, 2017. "Global Shapers Norfolk hosting Green with a Purpose event today."

Inside Business, January 25, 2017. "Global Shapers Norfolk to inspire millennials about sustainability at free event Thursday."

Alt Daily, November 9, 2016. "Global Shapers Norfolk helps support Armed Services Arts Partnership."

13News Now, November 7, 2016. "Hampton Roads millennial group hopes to connect with veterans through art."

Inside Business, October 24, 2016. "Letter to editor: Norfolk resident gets inside look at what the world's millennials want."

13News Now, October 21, 2016. "Agent of Change Aaz Mickens-Dessasso teaches entrepreneurship in Newport News."

13News Now, October 20, 2016. "Agent of Change Joe Dillard, Jr. helping energize millennials."

Daily Press, October 5, 2016. "Young Leaders Roundtable forms in Hampton Roads."

Virginian Pilot, October 4, 2016. "Hampton Roads millennial leaders unite to collaborate for region's future."

Inc, October 3, 2016. "9 Veterans Turned Entrepreneurs Bringing Battlefield Skills to their Startups (featuring Norfolk Shaper Nisha Witt)."

Alt Daily, August 23, 2016. "Report: Millennials are Optimistic About Future of Hampton Roads."

Virginian Pilot, August 17, 2016. "How do you keep millennials in Hampton Roads? Global Shapers Norfolk knows."

Alt Daily, July 20, 2016. "Why the World Wants to Hear from #HRVA Millennials."

Daily Press, July 15, 2016. "Hampton Roads millennials asked to participate in global survey."

Inside Business, July 13, 2016"How do Hampton Roads Millennials see the world? Put a Voice to your Vision."

13News Now, July 12, 2016. "Global Shapers Norfolk wants Millennial leadership."

Inside Business, June 27, 2016. "First Person: Bo Ram Yi, hub curator, Global Shapers Norfolk.

Alt Daily, June 23, 2016. "Who are the millennials of Hampton Roads? An Interactive Project."

Daily Press, June 22, 2016. "Global Shapers Norfolk launches social media campaign."

Virginian Pilot, June 21, 2016"Social media campaign will launch Thursday to explore the minds of local millennials."

Daily Press, June 8, 2016. "New group wants Peninsula millennials involved in driving regional change."

Alt Daily, April 13, 2016"Real Life Community Building for HRVA Millennials: Global Shapers Norfolk."

13News Now, April 2, 2016. "The Voice of Millennials in Hampton Roads."

Daily Press, March 30, 2016"Global Shapers Norfolk giving Voice to Millennials in Hampton Roads."

Virginian Pilot, March 27, 2016. "Group hopes to give millennials a voice in community issues with social media campaign, discussion group."

13News Now, May 11, 2015. "Making Your Mark: Hampton woman at the White House."