Help Us Bill Nye!

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We Must Act. 

We can't escape the rising waters.

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What's happening:

Seas could rise up to 24 inches by 2100. 

Our city's very existence is in danger. 

Band-aid fixes aren't enough. 

We have to show our city - and the world - how to ADAPT

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A Bold Proposal

Amphibious construction. Homes in flood planes built to float when it floods. 

Bill, here's how you can help. 

We're raising the funds for the first stage of our amphibious homes project. This summer we're holding the first ever Movers and Shapers fundraiser to hit our goal of $45,000.

We need a speaker who knows the issue we're fighting and will bring spotlight to the work we're doing. 

That's where you come in Bill. 

Will you be the speaker for our event? Will you help us fight the biggest threat our community has ever seen?

"You, me. You see were in this together. If we think together if we work together good things are gonna happen. Let’s get started."


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We don't have much time