Apply to be a Norfolk Shaper!

Global Shapers Norfolk is recruiting new Shapers to join our Hub! Our recruitment period is held during the spring and fall of each year.  Applications are accepted year round.

To nominate a young leader to Global Shapers Norfolk, please send the nominee's name and email address to


To apply for selection as a Shaper:

Please send the following as PDF attachments to

  • Current resume/CV, including date of birth and full contact information (e.g., phone number, email address, and residential address).

  • Cover letter inclusive of the following:

    • A brief essay of no more than 500 words expressing why you are applying and what contributions you can make to the community (local and/or global) if selected to be a World Economic Forum Global Shaper;

    • Affirmation of commitment to demonstrate a one-year commitment to the Hub and the Hampton Roads community;

    • If applicable, whether or not you have been a member of a Hub previously (including Hub location, dates, and name of current Curator); and,

    • At least two references, including full contact information (reliable phone number and email address)


A short note on Shaper candidate requirements and our application process:

  • Shaper candidates must be between the ages of 20-29 at application and selection. Shapers may serve a maximum of five years or until their 33rd birthday, whichever comes first

  • Shaper candidates must be a resident or otherwise physically close to the city in which their home Hub is based

  • Local hubs are not allowed to select more than one Shaper from the same organization/company. Please check to see which organizations/companies are already represented with current Shaper membership.

  • Each local Hub must ensure the highest degree of diversity in the composition of its Shaper community, with at least one representative of each stakeholder group of global society.

  • Candidates will achieve official Shaper status only after successfully completing a six-month probationary period with the Hub. In addition, all Shaper candidates following their six-month probationary period must receive the World Economic Forum’s validation and approval

To learn more about the Global Shapers Community, please visit: